DownToZero: Gameplay Trailer

A quick gameplay trailer for our new game, "DownToZero". The game has been submitted to Apple, hopefully it won't take long to be approved! A Lite version has also been created and submitted, they will be released simultaneously.


New Game coming soon!

A sneak preview of the icon for our new game "DownToZero". More details soon!


Ouch! Version 1.3 submitted to Apple

Version 1.3 of Ouch! has been submitted to Apple, and is now in review. Hopefully if there are no problems the update will be available in about a week or so, depending on how busy the reviewers are at Apple.

Version 1.3 adds 1 big feature: scene sharing!

Anyone will now be able to upload their custom scenes directly from inside the game, and browse and download scenes created by other players. You can sort through the available levels by date, tag, or number of downloads... and even click on a username to view all levels by that creator. Updating your scenes is easy as just reuploading them as well.

We're very excited about this feature, so hopefully the update will be approved soon!


Ouch! v1.3 - Scene Sharing!

We are curently finishing up work on the next update to Ouch! (version 1.3), which is a huge update, because it adds online scene sharing from right within the game! We will explain how it all works in more detail once we get closer to releasing the update, but below are a few screenshots to show the current work in progress.