Introducing "Ouch!"

Ouch! is now available in the App Store for $2.99! Get it HERE!

A free Lite version is also available! Get it HERE.

"Ouch!" is a ragdoll physics game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. In the game you guide your character through various scenes, trying to cause your character to take as much damage as possible. The more damage your character takes, the higher the score.

The controls are simple:
  • Tilt the device to alter gravity, guiding the character into objects / walls
  • Touch and swipe across the screen to "nudge" the character more directly.
  • Use the interactive objects in the world (by touching them) to cause different reactions. Interactive objects include pinball flippers, cars, cannons, rockets, and more.

(examples of the character creation / editing screens)

Characters are fully customizable, from their body proportions, to their outfit, to their facial expressions. In fact, using images stored in your device library (or by taking pictures directly with the iPhone camera), you can put any face you want on your custom character. Character faces can actually have 3 different expressions (which change dynamically during game play) as well. Put your friends inside the game, and have fun terrorizing them! :)

(some in-game screens)

"Ouch!" comes with over 40 pre-built scenes to play around in, but the game goes much farther than that, by including a full-featured scene editor. Combine any of the over 60 different objects with walls, different backgrounds, and different rules to create your own hilarious or ingenious custom scenes. In fact, every scene included with the game was actually made using this exact editor.

(Examples of exported character and scene images)

"Ouch!" also lets players share their creations in a unique way. Both custom scenes and characters can be exported from the game as special JPEG image files (stored directly to the device's photo library). These image files can then be sent by email, posted on the web, etc. Other "Ouch!" players can import these images into the game, and the custom scene or character is recreated in their game!

This is a very unique feature, that means that we can continue to release new levels for the game (or even post popular levels from our players) here on our website after he game is released.

Have a look at the official trailer for the game:

"Ouch" is AVAILABLE NOW in the App Store for an introductory price of $2.99.


  1. Wow this game is going to be awsome!! do you know when it will be released?PLEASE update a lot it is what keeps most apps going.Also do you know if you are getting any promo codes????if so plz reserve me 1.Also post some more screens and a couple more YouTube videos of you playing a scene and a video where you make a scene. I seriously can't wait! My email is. R.Cody77@gmail.com

  2. I feel the same way! My email is scubawagner192@gmail.com...When is it coming??? Please send me E-mail uptates!!!

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