New Game releasing soon to IOS and Android, Santa's Slippery Slope!

Twas the night before Christmas Eve and Santa was testing his new sleigh! One wrong move sent presents flying, what an awful day! Help Santa find all the presents and save Christmas before it's too late!

Join Santa in this exciting physics-based journey on the slopes to get back all of the lost presents in the quickest time possible!


Realistic physics give you precise control over skiing Santa.

Awesome ragdoll bails!

Intuitive controls allow anyone to pick up and play, but require dedication to master!

30 exciting and unique levels, with challenging hills, jumps, and physics based obstacles! 

Every 5th level is a special high jump or long jump challenge!

Turn off the audio or music separately to play in silence or rock out to your own tunes!

Adjustable controls for left or right handed players.


Hondune's Truck Trials OUT NOW!

Its released now! Get it here:


New Game, Hondune's Truck Trials To Be Released Soon!

Hello all!

I am very proud to announce a new game i have been working on for the last couple months!

Hondune's Truck Trials!

Ill Cut straight to the chase and just post the video for those who dont care to read ;)

For those of you who do care to read...

Hondune's Truck Trials is a game that sets itself apart from other driving games. This time it’s NOT all about speed, but rather pure skill and concentration, and a little luck. The goal is to get as many of the 4 crates you start with to the finish 'zone'. Each crate counts as a 1000 point bonus to an otherwise falling score. Each time you pass a level you unlock the next level, and possibly a new vehicle! Compete locally and globally to gain the highest score on each of the 40 levels! Then take your unlocked vehicles and hone your skills in the free ride arena!


-Extremely realistic vehicle physics with accurate suspension, mass, torque, friction, .etc

-Each vehicle feels very different with unique weight, speed, torque, suspension, etc.

-8 Vehicles (1 to start with, 7 unlocked throughout the game)

-40 increasingly Challenging levels with physics based puzzles and challenges (teeter totters, moving platforms, pressure pad enabled events etc.)

-Local leaderboards (top 5 scores for each level)

-Global leaderboards (top 100 scores for each track, includes username, total score, number of crates, overall time, and which truck was used)

-Free ride arena with various obstacles

More levels and vehicles coming in the future!

Coming very soon to an app store near you!

Due to the advanced physics Hondune’s Truck Trials will only be available to 4th gen or above devices and both 1st and 2nd gen i pads. (The possibility for backwards compatibility is in development)


CountDown: DownToZero version 1.4 submitted

we've submitted a new update to CountDown: DownToZero that lets the player choose between 3 different graphical "skins"... this leaves in the updated graphics from the previous update, brings back the original retro graphics, and also adds a new "modern" visual style as well. hopefully it will be approved soon. Here are some screenshots of the new version:


DownToZero's new name...


We just submitted version 1.3 of DownToZero to Apple. This version changes the name of the game to "Countdown", and has a new visual style and icon. We will see if these changes have any effect on the sales of the game!

Once the update goes live we will update this blog to reflect the new name and visual style... The image above is the new icon for the game.


DownToZero on sale for $0.99!!!

The title says it all, DownToZero is now on sale for just $0.99! Get it while it's cheap :)


Ouch! version 1.4 submitted to Apple!

We have submitted version 1.4 of Ouch! to Apple, hopefully it will be approved within a week or so. This version adds 1 big new feature (and also some new props as well) :

Replay Sharing!

One of the best things about Ouch! is the ability to save and watch a replay of something funny or amazing that happened while you were playing the game. With this new update, you will now be able to share your replays with all of the other Ouch! players around the world.
Because of technical limitations, custom faces (for example a face you made of your brother) cannot be shared... players who download your scene will see exactly what happened, with a character exactly the same size and shape (and outfit) as yours, but with the custom face replaced with a standard face. Hopefully the replays will be just as funny/amazing/interesting/ridiculous with a standard Ouch! face :)

We've also added a few "summer" themed props to the game:
  1. Backyard BBQ
  2. Bicycle (left and right versions)
  3. Lawn Mower (left and right versions)
  4. Lawn Chair