Player Submitted Scenes [01]

Many players have been sending us scenes that they have made with the in-game editor in Ouch. Below are thumbnails of what the scene looks like. For the actual scene data image files, click any of the images to jump to the gallery, which contains both the thumbnails, and the actual importable files.

How to Import Scenes
1. From the main menu, choose "Edit"
2. Touch the new scene / import scene toolbar button (bottom right)
3. Select the appropriate place to find the image (if you saved the image from safari on your device, select "stored photos", if you downloaded on your computer and synched with iTunes, choose "photo library)
4. Find the image for the scene, and select it!
5. To continue to import multiple scenes, touch the import button (top left) and choose another image.

Click on any of the images below to jump to the picasa photo gallery, where you can download the scene images.


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