Version 1.1 Released!

version 1.1 of Ouch! was just approved, and is now available in the App Store!

This version makes many improvements to the game, and also adds several new props, and scenes (including several player-submitted scenes), and features. Here is the full list of changes:

1. Multi-select added to the editor! Double tap and drag your finger to select multiple objects, and then move them as usual. You can also delete and copy selections of objects now, making level creation and modification much easier.

2. New props:
  • Left-facing cannon.
  • Trashcan
  • Little Red Wagon
  • Sled
  • Trebuchet

3. New Scenes:
  • 2 new scenes form Hondune Games
  • 6 scenes from Ouch! players! Look for them in the "Community Selections" scene set!

4. Dragging objects near the edge of the screen in the editor now causes the camera to pan in that direction.

5. Custom face image selection explanation message added, to avoid confusion.

6. "End Scene Now" option added to pause menu, to allow exiting a scene without waiting for the countdown (but still keeping your score)

7. Message box added to editor when the scene complexity limit is reached.

8. Ability to reset high scores for single scenes from the scene editor added.

9. Props are now listed alphabetically in the add prop window.

10. hitbox for game pause menu doubled in size.

11. Rocket prop fixed to be static until launched.

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