DownToZero's new name...


We just submitted version 1.3 of DownToZero to Apple. This version changes the name of the game to "Countdown", and has a new visual style and icon. We will see if these changes have any effect on the sales of the game!

Once the update goes live we will update this blog to reflect the new name and visual style... The image above is the new icon for the game.


  1. Hi Steven!

    Once again I am completely impressed with your iPhone application development!  Countdown is totally engaging and entertaining!

    I wrote to you a while back to let you know that I compose and produce music for animation, games, websites, audiobooks, and iPhone apps.  Here is a link to some of my music:


    Are you still thinking of adding original music and sound to any new apps?  I have really affordable options for purchasing music - even for tracks that are custom produced for your app!  Have you found the right music but need it edited for a loop or converted to a different format?

    I hope you keep on producing great iPhone software!  I would love to contribute music to updates of current apps or future applications in development.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Mike Weiser

    p.s. The popular iPhone application, StickWars, includes my composition for in-game music!

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