Ouch! version 1.4 submitted to Apple!

We have submitted version 1.4 of Ouch! to Apple, hopefully it will be approved within a week or so. This version adds 1 big new feature (and also some new props as well) :

Replay Sharing!

One of the best things about Ouch! is the ability to save and watch a replay of something funny or amazing that happened while you were playing the game. With this new update, you will now be able to share your replays with all of the other Ouch! players around the world.
Because of technical limitations, custom faces (for example a face you made of your brother) cannot be shared... players who download your scene will see exactly what happened, with a character exactly the same size and shape (and outfit) as yours, but with the custom face replaced with a standard face. Hopefully the replays will be just as funny/amazing/interesting/ridiculous with a standard Ouch! face :)

We've also added a few "summer" themed props to the game:
  1. Backyard BBQ
  2. Bicycle (left and right versions)
  3. Lawn Mower (left and right versions)
  4. Lawn Chair

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