Ouch! v1.3 approved, thousands of scenes uploaded!

Ouch! v1.3 was approved by Apple a little over a week ago, and the scene sharing feature has been a big success! So far over 3,000 scenes have been uploaded by Ouch! players, which is truly amazing! There are some really great scenes in there.

We are constantly monitoring the scene sharing system, and making improvements to it. So far we have added more search features, fixed some bugs, and made the process of approving scenes simpler.

We've received many comments suggesting that the ability to rate scenes, and add descriptions for scenes is something that players want, so we are looking into adding those features in the future. We're not the most experienced web development team though, so these things take some time.

We are also hard at work on the next update to Ouch!, which will add more props and content, and a few features that we think players will be excited about.

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