Player Submitted Scenes [04]

Wow, Ouch! has made it into the top 50 paid applications on the App Store! Many new people are playing the game, and that means we've been getting some great scenes sent our way. Tonight we updated our flickr set with many new cool player-created scenes. Make sure you navigate over there and check it out!

Player Submitted Scenes Flickr Set

** The images that you can import into Ouch! are the images that look like a grid of colored blocks. That is the data for the scene stored as an image file. In our flickr set we also have screenshots of the levels, so you can see what the level looks like before you download it. The screenshot is always followed by the image file for that level.

How to Import Scenes
1. From the main menu, choose "Edit"
2. Touch the new scene / import scene toolbar button (bottom right)
3. Select the appropriate place to find the image (if you saved the image from safari on your device, select "stored photos", if you downloaded on your computer and synched with iTunes, choose "photo library)
4. Find the image for the scene, and select it!
5. To continue to import multiple scenes, touch the import button (top left) and choose another image.

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