Version 1.2 Feature: Exploding Objects!

Version 1.2 of Ouch! was submitted to Apple today. Hopefully they will approve the update within a week or so, and all of the new features will be available for everyone! One last feature that we're excited that we got into the update is...

Exploding / Breaking Objects

Here is the full list of other features that will be in version 1.2:
  1. Gravity is now adjustable for custom scenes! You can control the direction and power of gravity, and also adjust whether tilt controls should only be left/right, or full 360 degrees.

  2. A "Ghost" character is now drawn after previewing a custom scene in the editor. This way tou can see exactly where the character ended up, and place new objects more accurately.

  3. New Content:
  • 10 new scenes from Hondune Games
  • 4 new player-created scenes
  • 3 new props
  • 2 new outfits
  • 1 new hat


  1. Hello, I was hoping to speak to someone about licensing Ouch! for traditional mobile. Please contact me at charlesh@real.com. Thanks

  2. I do not know what you did but I installed your update and my phone is constantly crashing. I suggest you get a fix out ASAP or I will be removing your app and requesting a refund.

  3. I like the new update but still think Ouch needs a community map server to download maps off of

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